If the filling is not working for you, start at the top of our checklist.

The assistance is application specific and therefore kept short. Detailed information can therefore be found separately on our Questions page.

Please start below with the large gas bottle.

Check gas cylinders page

Check whether any liquid CO2 on the cylinder flows

The bottle size must be at least 10KG (20-22 lbs). (A 2 KG (4-5 lbs) bottle is unsuitable or filling.)

Weigh the bottle with a bathroom scale and pull the bottle back to the specified empty weight (tare).

The bottles usually can use up to a residual amount of about 1 KG (2 lbs).

If the large gas bottle has a residual pressure valve, you need the enclosed adapter screw set-As shown in the video, otherwise no liquid CO2 can be removed for refilling the cylinder and only a max. 30-40gr CO2  is filled.

See Pictures here.

Bottles without the dip tube valve / (syphon tube) must be rotated 180 degrees during filling.

Bottles with a dip tube valve need not be rotated.

You can check the information label applied first.


If the bottle has to be rotated, the cylinder will only be filled with gaseous CO2 to max. 30-40gr. A pressure reducer does not have to be used when filling.

If the large gas bottle at the time of filling is is too cold, the capacity of the cylinder or the cartridge is reduced and not completely filled.

Optimal for filling is 18-20°C (65-68°F). If the bottle is a bit colder, you can compensate for this with a pre-cooled cylinder (1-2h icebox).

Tip : Leave the large gas bottle at room temperature for about 1-2 hoursbefore filling.

It is important that you fill completely without stopping. (Open the hand wheel, wait, then close it again)

If you interrupt the filling process before completion, filling, by reopening the handwheel, can not be continued.

(Connect in this case, the handwheel and bleed the adapter. Then you can repeat the filling process.)

Check cylinder page

Check whether the incoming CO2 is emitted into the cylinder.

The cylinder should / be emptied completely before filling. A re-filling of half- or nearly full cartridge is not possible. The current level can be checked by weighing on a kitchen scale . The empty weight (tare) is on the back of the cylinder.

(With a remaining amount up to 50gr of CO2, filling more easily possible.)

The conventional CO2 cylinders can be divided in 2 types:

1.) All cylinders with approximately 2-3mm “thick” valve pin can be filled by “normal untwisting” of the handwheel.


2.) In the second type, there is only one cylinder valve. The valve pin has a diameter of 6mm. A cylinder with this valve must be filled with a “slow pressure rise”.


Read here how the filling of the second type with filling protection works.

(The contents are identical to the valves with thinner valve pin. If you want to avoid this “overhead”, replace the cartridge with a (another empty) cylinder with a different valve. Alternatively, you can order a matching cylinder (for all Sodastream equipment).)

(The capacity is fundamentally dependent on the temperature of the connected gas tank.)

Two filling options:

Capacity without pre-cooling of the CO2 cylinder: 250-300gr

Capacity with pre-cooling (1-2h in an icebox) of the cylinder: approx 400-480gr

(Starting at room temperature 18-20°C (65-68°F). If the bottle is cooler, this reduces the tank pressure and the capacity.)

Filling a large gas bottle with residual pressure valve WITHOUT threaded pin:

If the valve does not open these bottles with the enclosed screw set, the max. Capacity is approx 30-50gr.

Filling cylinders with a filling valve protection (broad valve pin- 6mm, Vent No. 5) WITHOUT slow pressure rise:

If the cylinder is filled with these valves, without slow rise in pressure, the max. Capacity approx 40-50gr.

Filling wrongly rotated / non-rotated gas cylinder:

Refilling bottle without dip tube and NOT rotated, only gaseous CO2 is transferred -max. Capacity approx 30-60gr.

Additional troubleshooting

Problems / malfunctions which may occur in spite of correct implementation.

If after filling or opening the vent screw the valve of the cylinder no longer automatically closes and the CO2 thereby partially or completely flows, there is a defect in the valve. Basically, the return spring must press the valve pin after each operation automatically in the starting position and completely close the valve.

This error occurs very rarely, very often this valve is affected:

The reason for this is the construction of this valve and wear and tear resulting in a jammed valve pin. When the cylinder is used in the water bubbler, it remains slightly open, then that is the first sign of wear. The cylinder should no longer be used and substituted.

Should the cylinder, after checking all the above points, still does not fill a defective cylinder valve is very likely. This happens very rarely. The cause is could also be a sluggish valve pin.

Solution: Replace CO2 cartridge.

If you can not find the error yourself, please contact our support. We’re here to help.