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You need:

  • a commercial CO2 carbon dioxide gas cylinder (bottle size: from 20-22 lbs [10 KG] or greater)
  • a CO2 cylinder with matching valve for self-filling
  • and the CO2 Adapter

  • Complicated replacement the CO2 cylinder is eliminated.
  • Carbon Dioxide is independent of opening times, local exchange sites dealers, stock and delivery services are available practically anytime.
  • With a large gas bottle you always have a large stock “CO2” at home.
  • Huge price advantage and permanent regardless of further price increases.

The saving potential is not negligible. Thus, the cost on average amount to only about 1 € ($1,25) / cylinder filling.

In addition you can purchase it for yourself. If, for example, the cartridges are not available in the supermarket and the timing for subsequent delivery can not be fulfilled, then this means extra effort and time. Or the next exchange places dealer is simply too far away.


The adapter basically connects and fills the adapter all CO2 cartridges with coarse trapezoidal thread. (See Fig.)

This aluminum cylinder with 425gr content is now in standard in all Sodastream equipment and can therefore be used for equipment or be interchanged easily with all “Sodastream”.

Meanwhile put other manufacturers of water dispensers, fixed carbonising devices or refrigerators or a standard cylinder.

  • Sodastream Crystal
  • Sodastream Crystal Premium
  • Sodastream Penguin
  • Sodastream Cool
  • Sdastream Editions
  • Sodastream Revolution
  • as well as.

also suitable for the cartridge 130L

Independent from the Sodastream model all cylinders with coarse trapezoidal thread (see Fig.) are filled.


Definitely yes!

In addition to the resources already saved by the elimination of water PET bottles, the logistical effort is reduced during the regular obtaining your carbon dioxide cylinder.

This is located in the circulating empties of the circulation cartridges and are not simply placed on back and filled on site but are collected by external bottlers and delivered to the exchange sites after filling. Before the full cylinders were usually transported separately, from the supermarket back to the office or home.

With the CO2 adapter you can, within minutes, fill your cartridge by yourself more than 20x per cylinder.