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No. The “carbon dioxide” is no different.

The carbon dioxide is filled into which the exchange cylinder from the distributor is CO2 which get equivalent to that given to, for example The gas distributors.

The words “food safe CO2” is an optional extra. Thus, the gas cylinders can be allocated accurately by batch traceability and, in this sense, a quality assurance is represented.

It is in all bottles as a rule that are filled uniformly with pure carbon dioxide and with a sticker  “E290” as a food additive.

(If in doubt confirm the consumption ability with your gas dealer or the fact that it is pure carbon dioxide.)

  • CO2 is not naturally removed, but artificially made because the cleaning process of natural carbon dioxide is too costly.
  • The commercially available gas cylinders of carbon dioxide are no different from the CO2 from the exchange cylinders.

Can the carbon dioxide in the gas bottles be bad/off or too old?

For CO2, there is no expiration date. Also there is no difference in taste.

Nevertheless CO2 bottles, are refilled, after about 5 years.