The ideal complement for your Soda machine

With the Refill Adapter Pro 2 plus you can fill your empty CO2 cartridges yourself and here is how it works …

  • Screw the adapter to a commercial CO2 gas cylinder
  • The empty CO2 cylinder is screwed into the adapter
  • Open the valve of the large gas bottle
  • After about 15-20 sec., The cylinder is completely filled
  • Close valve of the large gas bottle
  • Unscrew the CO2 cartridge – done
  • A detailed manual is included.
  • Please note the “Cylinder” and “Gas Bottle” side menu on the right

The connection and the thread of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas cylinders are standardized throughout USA and Canada.

The adapter uses the the cylinder valve provided on the CO2 cylinder sealing surface. The water bubble making device also seals the covenant, hence the adapter is largely sustainable.

Secured with ventilation screws

  • The residue remaining after the filling operation, can be discharged safely by opening the bleed screw via residual pressure through the bore of the adapter.
  • The cylinder valve simultaneously closes the cartridge with the escape of the residual pressure.
  • The compound is then depressurized so that the cylinder can be securely screwed off.


The filling is quick and easy.


Short solid design ensures a secure hold of your CO2 cylinder.


You can permanently refill your cylinders an unlimited number of times.