What carbon dioxide cylinders or valves can be filled?

All valves with coarse trapezoidal thread screw can be filled with the adapter.

These are substitutes on the market,however, the majority are used in the Sodastream devices.

All valve variants with a “thin” valve pin in the middle (diameter: about 2-3mm) can be reliably and easily filled. An example of how such a valve looks can be seen on the following Pictures.

Valve no. 1

Valve no. 2

Valve no. 3

Valve no. 4

Which carbon dioxide cylinder can not be easily filled?

The cylinder with the 6mm bit deeper valve pin (pictured right) is more for self-filling.

This cylinder valve closes when the hand wheel of the large gas bottle is opened too quickly.

How can this cylinder be filled?

How this works, go to “questions” under “Filling instructions”.

Valve no. 5

In summary

All cylinders with a Trapezoidal external thread can be completely filled.

The cylinder which variations of 2-3mm valve pin can be filled by simple mounting and tightening the large gas bottle.

The cylinder with a valve pin 6mm with a large gas bottle for filling has to be opened slowly and therefore initially requires some “practice”.

The contents are the same for both valve types.